How To Make A Book In Minecraft

How to make a Book in MinecraftCrafting is the way to make a book in Minecraft. The player will first need one crafting table. It can be made by opening your inventory box and placing 4 Wooden Planks into the 2×2 grid.
If you just made the crafting table then you will need to equip it and place it on the ground. Next the player will need to open the recipe to make a book.

Book Recipe

1 Leather

Leather ImageLeather can be obtained from a Cow in the Overworld. Once you have found one of the Mob you need to right click the it, preferably with any type of Sword until it drops the Leather.

3 Paper

Paper ImagePaper is a craft-able item in the game that requires the player to put 3 Sugar Cane in the bottom row of the Crafting Grid. Sugar Cane itself is a little tricky to get, the best way to obtain them is from running around the Overworld and trying to find the item on the ground. They are generally located near patches of Water on top of pieces of Grass or Dirt. It is important to note that once you have one piece of Sugar Cane you are able to use Farming methods to grow more instead of having to look after for more of them. Further information on Paper can be found at How To Make Paper In Minecraft.

Place the 4 items into the crafting table like how it is displayed below:
Crafting Book
Another way to get a book is finding them in chests located inside strongholds.
Now that you have learned how to make a book in Minecraft, a book can also be used to craft Book and Quills, Bookshelves, and also Enchant Tables.