Minecraft Blocks

Each Block below has its corresponding Item ID attached. Clicking on an Block will provide further information on the Block itself, including what it can be crafted from if it is craft-able.

BlockBlock Name
Acacia WoodAcacia Wood
Acacia Wood StairsAcacia Wood Stairs
Acacia Wooden PlankAcacia Wooden Plank
Activator RailActivator Rail
Bed BlockBed Block
Birch Wood StairsBirch Wood Stairs
Birch Wooden PlankBirch Wooden Plank
Black CarpetBlack Carpet
Black Stained ClayBlack Stained Clay
Black Stained GlassBlack Stained Glass
Black Stained Glass PaneBlack Stained Glass Pane
Black WoolBlack Wool
Block Of CoalBlock Of Coal
Blue CarpetBlue Carpet
Blue OrchidBlue Orchid
Blue Stained ClayBlue Stained Clay
Blue Stained GlassBlue Stained Glass
Blue Stained Glass PaneBlue Stained Glass Pane
Blue WoolBlue Wool
Brewing StandBrewing Stand Block
Brick Brick
Brick Slab Brick Slab
Brick StairsBrick Stairs
Brown CarpetBrown Carpet
Brown MushroomBrown Mushroom
Brown Mushroom CapBrown Mushroom Cap
Brown Stained ClayBrown Stained Clay
Brown Stained GlassBrown Stained Glass
Brown Stained Glass PaneBrown Stained Glass Pane
Brown WoolBrown Wool
Cake BlockCake Block
Carrot BlockCarrot Block
Chest Chest
Chiseled Quartz BlockChiseled Quartz Block
Chiseled SandstoneChiseled Sandstone
Chiseled Stone Monster EggChiseled Stone Monster Egg
Clay BlockClay Block
Coal OreCoal Ore
Cobblestone Monster EggCobblestone Monster Egg
Cobblestone Slab Cobblestone Slab
Cobblestone StairsCobblestone Stairs
Cobblestone WallCobblestone Wall
Cocoa PlantCocoa Plant
Command BlockCommand Block
Cracked Stone BrickCracked Stone Brick
Cracked Stone Monster EggCracked Stone Monster Egg
Cyan CarpetCyan Carpet
Cyan Stained ClayCyan Stained Clay
Cyan Stained GlassCyan Stained Glass
Cyan Stained Glass PaneCyan Stained Glass Pane
Cyan WoolCyan Wool
Dark Oak WoodDark Oak Wood
Dark Oak Wood StairsDark Oak Wood Stairs
Dark Oak Wooden PlankDark Oak Wooden Plank
Daylight SensorDaylight Sensor
Dead ShrubDead Shrub
Detector RailDetector Rail
Diamond BlockDiamond Block
Diamond OreDiamond Ore
Double Brick SlabDouble Brick Slab
Double Cobblestone SlabDouble Cobblestone Slab
Double Nether Brick SlabDouble Nether Brick Slab
Double Wooden SlabDouble Oak Wooden Slab
Double Quartz SlabDouble Quartz Slab
Double Sandstone SlabDouble Sandstone Slab
Double Stone Brick SlabDouble Stone Brick Slab
Double Stone SlabDouble Stone Slab
Double TallgrassDouble Tallgrass
Double Wooden SlabDouble Wooden Slab
Dragon EggDragon Egg
Emerald BlockEmerald Block
Emerald Ore Emerald Ore
Enchantment TableEnchantment Table
End PortalEnd Portal
End Portal FrameEnd Portal Frame
End StoneEnd Stone
Ender ChestEnder Chest
Fence GateFence Gate
Flower PotFlower Pot Block
Glass PaneGlass Pane
Glowing Redstone OreGlowing Redstone Ore
Glowstone BlockGlowstone Block
Gold BlockGold Block
Gold OreGold Ore
Gray CarpetGray Carpet
Gray Stained ClayGray Stained Clay
Gray Stained GlassGray Stained Glass
Gray Stained Glass PaneGray Stained Glass Pane
Gray WoolGray Wool
Green CarpetGreen Carpet
Green Stained ClayGreen Stained Clay
Green Stained GlassGreen Stained Glass
Green Stained Glass PaneGreen Stained Glass Pane
Green WoolGreen Wool
Hardened ClayHardened Clay
Hay BaleHay Bale
Iron BarsIron Bars
Iron BlockIron Block
Iron DoorIron Door
Iron OreIron Ore
Jack O LanternJack O Lantern
Jungle Wood StairsJungle Wood Stairs
Jungle Wooden PlankJungle Wooden Plank
Lapis Lazuli BlockLapis lazuli Block
Lapis Lazuli OreLapis Lazuli Ore
Large FernLarge Fern
Grass LavaLava
Leaves BirchLeaves Birch
Leaves JungleLeaves Jungle
Leaves SpruceLeaves Spruce
Light Blue CarpetLight Blue Carpet
Light Blue Stained ClayLight Blue Stained Clay
Light Blue Stained GlassLight Blue Stained Glass
Light Blue Stained Glass PaneLight Blue Stained Glass Pane
Light Blue WoolLight Blue Wool
Light Gray CarpetLight Gray Carpet
Light Gray Stained ClayLight Gray Stained Clay
Light Gray Stained GlassLight Gray Stained Glass
Light Gray Stained Glass PaneLight Gray Stained Glass Pane
Light Gray WoolLight Gray Wool
Lily PadLily Pad
Lime CarpetLime Carpet
Lime Stained ClayLime Stained Clay
Lime Stained GlassLime Stained Glass
Lime Stained Glass PaneLime Stained Glass Pane
Lime WoolLime Wool
Live ShrubLive Shrub
Magenta CarpetMagenta Carpet
Magenta Stained ClayMagenta Stained Clay
Magenta Stained GlassMagenta Stained Glass
Magenta Stained Glass PaneMagenta Stained Glass Pane
Magenta WoolMagenta Wool
Melon BlockMelon Block
Mob HeadMob Head
Monster SpawnerMonster Spawner
Mossy Cobblestone WallMossy Cobblestone Wall
Mossy StoneMossy Stone
Mossy Stone BrickMossy Stone Brick
Mossy Stone Brick Monster EggMossy Stone Brick Monster Egg
Nether BrickNether brick
Nether Brick Slab Nether Brick Slab
Nether Quartz Ore BlockNether Quartz Ore
Note BlockNote Block
Orange CarpetOrange Carpet
Orange Stained ClayOrange Stained Clay
Orange Stained GlassOrange Stained Glass
Orange Stained Glass PaneOrange Stained Glass Pane
Orange TulipOrange Tulip
Orange WoolOrange Wool
Oxeye DaisyOxeye Daisy
Packed IcePacked Ice
Pillar Quartz BlockPillar Quartz Block
Pink CarpetPink Carpet
Pink Stained ClayPink Stained Clay
Pink Stained GlassPink Stained Glass
Pink Stained Glass PanePink Stained Glass Pane
Pink TulipPink Tulip
Pink WoolPink Wool
Potato BlockPotato Block
Powered RailPowered Rail
Purple CarpetPurple Carpet
Purple Stained ClayPurple Stained Clay
Purple Stained GlassPurple Stained Glass
Purple Stained Glass PanePurple Stained Glass Pane
Purple WoolPurple Wool
Quartz BlockQuartz Block
Quartz Slab Quartz Slab
Quartz StairsQuartz Stairs
Red CarpetRed Carpet
Red Mushroom CapRed Mushroom Cap
Red SandRed Sand
Red Stained ClayRed Stained Clay
Red Stained GlassRed Stained Glass
Red Stained Glass PaneRed Stained Glass Pane
Red TulipRed Tulip
Red WoolRed Wool
Redstone BlockRedstone Block
Redstone ComparatorRedstone Comparator
Redstone Comparator ActiveRedstone Comparator Active
Redstone Comparator InactiveRedstone Comparator Inactive
Redstone Lamp OffRedstone Lamp Off
Redstone Lamp OnRedstone Lamp On
Redstone OreRedstone Ore
Redstone RepeaterRedstone Repeater
Redstone Repeater Block OffRedstone Repeater Block Off
Redstone Repeater Block OnRedstone Repeater Block On
Redstone Torch OffRedstone Torch Off
Redstone Torch OnRedstone Torch On
Rose BushRose Bush
Sandstone SlabSandstone Slab
Sandstone StairsSandstone Stairs
Sign PostSign Post
Smooth SandstoneSmooth Sandstone
Grass SnowSnow
Snow BlockSnow Block
Soul SandSoul Sand
Spruce Wood StairsSpruce Wood Stairs
Spruce Wooden PlankSpruce Wooden Plank
Stationary LavaStationary Lava
Stationary WaterStationary Water
Sticky PistonSticky Piston
Stone Brick Monster EggStone Brick Monster Egg
Stone Brick Slab Stone Brick Slab
Stone Brick StairsStone Brick Stairs
Stone BricksStone Bricks
Stone Monster EggStone Monster Egg
Stone Pressure PlateStone Pressure Plate
Stone SlabStone Slab
Sugar Cane BlockSugar Cane Block
Tall Dead ShrubTall Dead Shrub
Tall GrassTall Grass
Trapped ChestTrapped Chest
Tripwire HookTripwire Hook
Web BlockWeb Block
Weighted Pressure Plate HeavyWeighted Pressure Plate Heavy
Weighted Pressure Plate LightWeighted Pressure Plate Light
White CarpetWhite Carpet
White Stained ClayWhite Stained Clay
White Stained GlassWhite Stained Glass
White Stained Glass PaneWhite Stained Glass Pane
White TulipWhite Tulip
White WoolWhite Wool
Wood BirchWood Birch
Wood JungleWood Jungle
Wood OakWood Oak
Wood SpruceWood Spruce
Wood StairsWood Stairs
Wooden ButtonWooden Button
Wooden PlankWooden Plank
Wooden Pressure PlateWooden Pressure Plate
Wooden Slab Wooden Slab
Wooden Slab BlockWooden Slab Block
Yellow CarpetYellow Carpet
Yellow Stained ClayYellow Stained Clay
Yellow Stained GlassYellow Stained Glass
Yellow Stained Glass PaneYellow Stained Glass Pane
Yellow WoolYellow Wool