Minecraft Command List

Minecraft Commands are important to know when playing the game. They are especially handy if you are playing on any type of server as you can teleport or even message other players. The minecraft commands list below are the most common commands used on servers, but does not mean all of them will work on every server though. The player will need to open the chat window and type the command properly to be able to use the function. If there are any other minecraft commands you would like added to the list then please email me in the contacts page.

Player Commands Usable in any server

"/me"Used to Emote expressions like "Your User Name" dances.
"/Help" Or "?"Used to show a list of commands, if a command name is typed in it will provide additional information.
"/Tell"Used to send a message directly to another player on the server.
"/msg"This command will also send a message to the player.
"/say"This Minecraft Command will send a message to all players on the server.
"/afk"This command will change your status and announce that you are Away From keyword.
"/kill"Allows you to respawn back at your home location, anything you had in your inventory is gone.
"/reply"Replies to the last person that had sent you a message.
"/ignore"The player will be added to your ignore list and is unable to chat or private message to whoever has ignored the player.
"/ignores"This will show you the list of everyone that is currently ignored.
"/unignore"The player will be taken off the ignore list.
"/playerlist"This minecraft command shows a list of every player Online.
"/reload"Reloads the configurations.
"/banip"Bans the players IP.
"/unbanip"Unbans the players IP.
"/ban"Bans the players.
"/unban"Unbans the players.
"/mute"This will turn on or off the mute of a player.
"/tp"This command will teleport you to the player.
"/tphere"This command will teleport the player to the you.
"kick"This will kick the player.
"/item"This will give the player the amount of that item.
"/kit"This will display all kits.
"/kit"This will give the player the specific kit.
"/home"Minecraft Command to teleport the player home.
"/getpos"This will display the players current position.
"/sethome"Sets current spot to your home
"/setspawn"Sets current spot to spawn point.