tutorial for armor and weapons

There are different types of weapons that can be used in minecraft.
Swords and bows are the most commonly used types of weapons for fighting mobs. Swords can be made by using a wood stick with either wooden planks, cobblestone, iron ingot, gold ingot, or diamond to craft the item. The quality of the sword will determine the durability of its use. A chart below lists the durability.
wood 60
stone 132
iron 251
gold 33
diamond 1562
A bow is also able to used to fight mobs from a distance. If the user has arrows in their inventory they are able to right click just like the sword and draw the bow back, the longer it is held the further the arrow will fly. The durability of a bow is 385. Armor-
Armor is used in the game to block damage by adding extra health for the user through another bar. An entire set of armor can be made from 24 pieces of the type of craft item. Below is a list of the types of armor that can be crafted. Leather Boots Iron Boots Gold Boots Diamond Boots Chainmail Boots(not in survival mode)