Monster Spawner

Monster Spawner ID: 52

Item Description:
Monster Spawner is found in dungeons, mine shafts, nether fortresses and strongholds and spawns a particular Mob. The block will have an image of the mob in the cage that it spawns. A monster spawner is unable to be picked up unless using a mod. If you using a monster spawner in the creative mode it will only spawn Pigs. The item will only spawn a max of 4 monsters in an 8 by 8 radius. It will also only spawn if the player is a max of 17 blocks away from it. To have the monster spawner be disabled requires lighting the area it is located in so Mobs cant spawn. In survival mode, the item is only able to spawn Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, Cave Spiders, Blazes, or Silverfish.