Mobs (Monsters)

Minecraft has a lot of different Mobs in the world, some of them are friendly while others are monsters. These Mobs appear everywhere in the world, some during the day and the others at night. The friendly Mobs will not attack you at any time unless you try to attack them. The enemy monsters on the other hand will attack whenever you are near them. Below are all the Minecraft Mobs.

A few of the friendly Mobs are able to be tamed. These would currently be the Horses, Ocelots, and Wolfs. Monsters will not spawn at night 8 blocks around a Torch, so stacking Torches around your buildings will prevent them from spawning there. They will also not spawn on Glass, Wood, Stone, or Cobblestone Slabs.

Friendly Minecraft Mobs


Bat Bats appear in enclosed spaces that are like caves.


ChickenChicken can be found in grassy areas and will lay eggs while walking around. If they are killed they will drop feathers


CowCows can be found in the starting world and can be milked with a bucket. When killed they will drop leather.


HorseHorses can also be found in the main world and can be tamed and used as transportation.

Iron Golem

Iron GolemIron Golem can be found near villages to protect the village. They can also be built with iron blocks and a pumpkin. If you attack the golem it will turn hostile


MooshroomMooshrooms are cows with mushroom on it.


OcelotOcelots are mobs that can be tamed.


PigPigs spawn in the same as chickens. If they are killed they will drop Raw Porkchops. If killed by fire then they will drop a Cooked Porkchop.


SheepSheeps spawn in the same area as pigs. They can spawn in different colors. The colors are white, light grey, grey, black, brown, or pink. You can use shears a sheep to get the color wool of the sheep. The sheep, if killed will drop a wool.

Snow Golem

Snow GolemSnow Golems are mobs that are able to be created. They will attack with Snowballs.


SquidSquids can be found in water and will drop Ink Sacks.


VillagerVillagers appear in villages and are various professions so they will trade various items for Emeralds when you talk to them.


WolfWolfs can be found in the same areas as sheep and attack them if nearby, they will also attack players if they are attacked first. They are able to be tamed and fight with you.



Blazes are found in the nether and fly in the air shooting fireballs.

Chicken Jockey

Chicken Jockey
Chicken Jockeys spawn almost anywhere with a zombie on top of a chicken. It is hard to find this mob.


CreeperCreepers are found in the main world and will start to hiss when chasing a player. When they get too close to the player they will explode.

Ender Dragon

Ender DragonEnder Dragon is one of the bosses of the game and appears in the end world. It fly’s in the air and heals itself when near any Ender Crystals.


EndermanEnderman is a tall mob that can teleport. It will attack if the player looks directly at the monsters eyes. It will pick up blocks around it and throw it at a player.


GhastGhasts are mobs that spawn in the nether and sometimes near portals in the main world. They fly and will shoot fireballs just like blazes.

Magma Cube

Magma CubeMagma Cubes are found in the nether. When they are killed they will spawn smaller versions of themselves. When killed they can drop a magma cream. The smaller versions will not drop any items.


SilverfishSilverfish can be found in strongholds and can appear from stone bricks if a player is mining them.


SkeletonSkeletons are found in the main world and will shoot arrows at

players. They can drop arrows when killed


SlimeSlimes spawn in caves and mines and will spawn smaller versions of themselves when killed just like Ghasts


SpiderSpiders spawn in the main world and will not attack players during the day. They are able to climb up walls and will drop web when killed.

Spider Jockey

Spider JockeySpider Jockeys spawn in the main world and are a spider and a skeleton on top of each other. When one is killed the other one will not be dead and will just be the spider of skeleton.


WitchWitches are monsters that use potions. They spawn in witch huts and other places in the Overworld.


WitherWither is another boss that can be spawned by the player and will drop a nether star.

Wither Skeleton

Wither SkeletonWither Skeletons spawn in a nether fortress and can drop bone, coal ore, stone swords, and wither skeleton skulls.


ZombieZombies spawn in the main world and can drop rotten flesh.

Zombie Villager

Zombie VillagerZombie Villagers can be found in the nether or when a pig is hit by lightning. They will drop Cooked Porkchop.