How To Make A Bed In Minecraft

A bed is one of the most essential items when playing in the game. In particular it is mostly used in survival mode as a means to skip the time till dawn. Here is a tutorial on how to make a bed in Minecraft. To read more about the item, you can go to its page here.

How to find a bed in Minecraft

You can obtain beds naturally from within Igloo’s while you are adventure around the overworld. However, since Igloo’s are quite hard to find and only appear in snow biomes, it would be much easier to make one yourself.

How to craft a bed in Minecraft

Using a crafting recipe is both the easiest and best way of obtaining a bed in Minecraft. The player will first need to start off by making a Crafting Table. Each player starts off with a 2×2 crafting grid located in their inventory however this recipe is much more complicated and requires a 3×3 grid. This is done by opening your inventory box (Pressing ‘E’) and placing 4 Wooden Planks into the 2×2 grid located in the top right corner. You are able to use any type of Wooden Planks like oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, or dark oak. In the example below we are using oak wooden planks.

Make Crafting Table

Once you are done with this step you should see a crafting table appear to the right of the arrow. Right clicking on the item will put your new crafting table into your inventory.

After you have completed the recipe you will need to equip the table to your hand. This is done by dragging the item to the bottom left row of your inventory box. The last step is to place the item on the ground. To do this you will need to find an open area you will like the table placed at then right click to put it on the ground. Doing this will allow you to then click on the crafting table and utilize a 3×3 grid for crafting recipes rather than the default 2×2 from your inventory. Now that you have a crafting table to use lets go make a bed.

Ingredients to make a bed

Wooden Plank Image 3 Wooden Planks – You are able to use any type of Wooden Planks. Here is a list of all the various types: oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, or dark oak
Wool Image 3 Wool – You are able to use any color of wool. Wool can be easily found by having shears in hand and right clicking a sheep.

Tip: The Minecraft crafting recipe for a bed does not require the wooden planks or wool to be all the same types. You can mix and match any ingredients you have to complete the item.

By right clicking the crafting box a pop up window will appear. The crafting recipe for a bed is 3 wooden planks and 3 wool. Place the ingredients into the crafting box using the pattern shown below:
Crafting Bed

You will need to put the 3 wooden planks lined across the bottom row and 3 wool in the middle rows. Once this is done you will see the bed item appear in the empty box to the right. Right click on the bed to transfer the item into your inventory.

How to Make a Bed in MinecraftNow that you have learned How To Make a Bed in Minecraft, There are 3 main uses for a Bed. The first is to use it as decoration when you building houses and other types of buildings. When designing a house everyone tries to put a bed to denote bedrooms or that you are living there. A nice little side trick is that if you put two beds side by side the beds will make it look like a queen size. The second use is if you use the bed item, the game will skip the rest of the day until dawn. This is done by right clicking on the Bed when there are no enemies near by. The last use is to reset the players spawn point to be where it is placed. When you sleep on the bed your spawn point is automatically reset to that location.

Here is a YouTube video showing you How To Make a Bed.