Wooden Plank

Wooden PlankID: 5

Item Description:

A Oak Wooden Plank is an item that is generally used in buildings. Besides structures, Wooden Planks are also able to be used as a fuel source for Furnaces. There are 5 other types of wooden planks you can find in the game. They are Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia and Dark Oak.

How to obtain oak wooden planks

Oak Wooden planks can be found while exploring the world of Minecraft. The most common way to find them is in chests. In addition, you can find them in mineshafts, villages, and strongholds because some of their structures are built using Wooden Planks.

How to craft oak wooden planks

A faster way to obtain Wooden Planks is to by using its crafting recipe. The ingredient needed in the recipe is Oak Wood.

Oak Wood

The first step to acquiring Oak Wood is to have an a Axe. An axe is the most effective way of chopping down trees but If you do not have one you can alternatively use any other weapon. Next you will need to right click on an oak tree until a piece of Wood falls to the ground. Putting this in a crafting table will yield 4 Wooden Planks per 1 Wood.

Other crafting recipes

Wooden planks can be used as ingredients to a large number of other recipes. Here is a list of recipes that require them.

Wooden Door
Wooden Pressure Plate
Wooden Slab
Wood Stairs